Progress Update! and more decisions…

Hello again! It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written on here and I wanted to post a little progress update regarding my dancing. A lot has stayed the same like training each week. The main thing I have noticed is that more and more people are actually giving me credit for being a decent dancer now. Whereas before, it was like, what is that girl doing LOL.

My dance director, who has helped me since day 1 of my hip hop dance journey, recently told me thatΒ I have far beyond surpassed my own expectations of where I thought I would be at right now. Quote “you have improved and progressed so much in such a short amount of time, that you have completely passed where you thought you would be at by now”. And hearing this really solidified that I have been making each class COUNT. Every single little tip of advice or criticism, I try my best to listen and understand it. I practice when I can, which means I am constantly going over routines in my head, I am constantly listening to music we have danced to, and I practice moves when I’m waiting for the train or when I’m standing in line for lunch.

Honestly, it feels amazing to see how much work I’ve put into this and see that I have progressed so much. Now – there are a lot of things wandering around in my head regarding what should my next step be in order to ensure I KEEP progressing. I don’t want to lose momentum, and I truly want to make the most out of this year.

It was around this time last year that I had finally conveyed to my boyfriend whom I live with that I wanted to focus more on dancing. So I could feel like I could take myself more seriously that I was a dancer. I don’t do ballet, and my mom could never afford for me to do any lessons, but I always practiced in ballroom, swing, and latin. That was when I decided I wanted to get into hip hop so I could be challenged more and break out of my comfort zone. My boyfriend encouraged me completely and said follow your heart. For so long, I always felt like I wasn’t allowed to focus on dance becauseΒ I thought I would be considered selfish, that there was no way I could make a living off of it, and it was a waste of time.

I started officially hip hop dancing in May 2016 and I made sure I trained a few times a week, I pushed myself to perform, I pushed myself to be more confident, and I pushed myself every time IΒ wanted to quit. And wow, there was a LOT of times I wanted to quit during the first few months.

I am happy to see myself here, a hip hop dancer who trains consistently and has been told that I make a great student. But now – what classes should I focus on? What are still my weaknesses that have not improved? The number one criticism I still hear is that I need to be stronger. Another criticism I hear is that I still need to be more confident. And of course, I still hear that I need to open up more.

I have a plan of action but it’s a little risky for my finances. It includes joining a gym that is very close to where I live that is completely strength focused. It is especially made for clients to build strength. Another plan of action is to start beginner break dancing. I am worried that both of these things might cause injury and might push my budget a little, so I am going to take it slowly at first and let myself steadily improve. At the end of the day, I just don’t want to hear “you need to be stronger” anymore. And with working out and developing b-boy moves, my confidence will surely rise, along with being physically able to open up more when I dance.

Let’s hope for another year of progress and establishing more challenging goals for myself. I will certainly keep you updated in the future. Ciao for now!


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