Opinion vs. Reality

So I confess I am writing this blog in response to an Instagram post.  I do not want to bring it up with the person who posted this as I am not very close with him. He is actually a famous choreographer specifically for younger kids and I have always liked his mentality. I had the opportunity to take a class from him a few months ago and the best advice I received from him was to go full out every single time I learned a routine. Earlier he posted something that kind of shocked me. His post stated:

Ive hired more dancers under the age of 15 than over. Why?

  1. They actually show up to auditions
  2. They take class more often
  3. They are committed
  4. They communicate, ask questions, and follow through

Just a few tips for dancers over the age of 18 who want to be “professionals” The youth are in full force taking all your jobs. Its hilarious and entertaining actually #noshade #iactuallywanteveryonetoeat

As I read this, I couldn’t help but realize he was actually serious about this. The first thing I did was take a screenshot of the post and sent it to my friend and asked him, what do you think about this? Immediately my friend basically stated what is so painstakingly obvious. In which he stated:

Well it’s true but not for the reasons stated. Yes, they can be more committed but only because they have no other major commitments…

You have to look at the truth behind the truth. Which by the way is so beyond important for everything in life. Yes – kids can have great commitment, and yes kids can be hired more than those over 15. However, a few reasons why I believe this is the case is:

  1. They do not have to pay bills or work
    1. Not only does this give them more time to practice at home, they don’t have to think about the cost of lessons and classes
    2. This also causes significantly less stress
  2. They are (for the most part) home schooled by their parents
    1. This allows them to attend auditions and conferences that take part during the day
  3. They have parents who do everything for them. Typically the parents become their kid’s manager(s)
  4. If you are that young and your parents have completely supported you to only focus on dance, then ultimately those kids are going to only focus on dance #obvious

So yes. Of course they get hired more. Nothing says blessed or luxury like being able to solely focus on what you love because others are completely supporting them financially. The risk they are taking is not a risk in their eyes. It’s easy.

Simply I think it is wrong to not give credit where it is due. Such as the PARENTS of the kids. Without them, these kids would not be seen in classes or even have that opportunity. Parents are the real heroes and one can only wish to be born with such luck to have parents who are financially strong and care enough to let their kids do something they love.

There are many variables missing or not mentioned above. If you fully disagree with me, let me know. I am aware that there are the ultimately talented hard working individuals who truly pave the way for their own success, such as Les Twins.

In a way I vented, but I just don’t like when someone with a strong opinion excludes the facts. Thanks.


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