Age aint nothin but a numba

Funny how certain things just inspire you out of the blue.

You know what my life feels like lately? Like I am being unpeeled like a banana. Or peeling off my layers like an onion.

I look back at when I was a kid and remember how much potential I had. I created my own choreography and performed in front of who ever was willing to watch. I loved music with my soul and blasted as much of it as I could. I loved wearing colors and trying new styles.

Unfortunately I was smart which meant my mom made sure all of my focus went into school. Even though the only thing I ever wanted to do was dance. I love my mom and was always obedient. I graduated college at age 20 and haven’t really done anything worthwhile since then. 6 full years passed by in an instant. With learning what love, heartbreak, and emptiness felt. With so many emotions I had developed severe depression and anxiety. Realizing what I needed to do was have fun and dance again, my anxiety has dramatically decreased in my life.

Even though I am older, and I may not have a “future” in dance or music, I realized that my nephews and niece see me and look up to me. I am paving the way for how they view what a 26 year old can do. Now that I am on a dance team, I really pack a punch in the phrase “age aint nothin but a numba”. And I want to keep going. Not only for me, because really I am just having fun, but for them. So they can see that if you have a dream, just do it. Because nothing else is ever gonna really fulfill you like chasing your dream does.

Do what you love. Or just do things that you like (and you’ll find your calling). Try things. Mix them together. Create. Inspire. Live.

I hope everyone’s having a good Thanksgiving, peace & love.


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