Love what you do

I feel very blessed right now because of this past weekend. I participated in 3 things that I really enjoyed:

First, I attended a Friendsgiving on Friday night and it was really nice seeing a lot of people that I never get to see anymore. We played games and ate good food. I had a lot of fun πŸ™‚

I guess I value that highly because I used to be very socially anxious. Attending something like that would’ve been out of reach for me a few years ago. I’m glad that I didn’t get anxious at all that night.

Second, I volunteered during the day on Saturday. It was community action day where the organizationΒ I volunteer for goes out into the community and reach out to people. We advertised for a free public talent show happening in a couple of weeks and we asked individuals to participate in a survey that asked several questions pertaining to what they think our community needs and if they had any issues or concerns. The varying answers and opinions were amazing, not to mention – people are just in general really cool. Usually we surround ourselves with people who have similar interests as us and are the same age. But when you get to meet complete strangers, you start to realize that everyone’s life is truly a unique story of their own. I love volunteering and helping others in any way I can. I think reaching out to people and giving them a voice really helps them. When they voice these things out loud, it makes those possibilities that much more real.

Third, I had the opportunity to perform with my dance team at a Gala on Saturday night where the proceeds went to a nonprofit that focuses on human trafficking in the U.S. and in Mexico. I believe that is a cause really worth supporting so it made my heart my genuinely happy to perform for them. Also – the fact that I got to do what I love – which is dancing, was completely amazing. I mean, now I know what that feels like. It’s so amazing and really is a blessing to be able to do what I love to support something else I love. Not to mention, it was so much fun!

That was my weekend (Sunday I saw my family and my boyfriend’s family). I am very grateful and can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom’s side of the family later this week. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving as well!! πŸ™‚



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