Honesty is so undervalued. Today someone finally told me the truth about something that meant a lot to me. And it was completely out of nowhere (they texted me).

It was so astonishing but at the same time it was so freaking obvious. You know how you watch a show or a movie where someone is the killer but nobody knows who it is and then they finally reveal who it is at the end? And when they reveal who it is, you think of course! That was obvious!

Well that’s how I feel right now. I was so blind because of how I felt for a certain individual that all these signs were there and I never tied them together. Just only thinking, something isn’t right.

It sucks because now I feel like this has ruined my day, which I am hoping it doesn’t because I am going to a Friendsgiving later. This is definitely going to linger in my mind and heart for quite some time though. All of these thoughts running through my head are already causing me stress and sadness.

Sometimes the past just needs to be the past. Although honesty is appreciated. I wish it could’ve been said sooner. Because now it’s like this whole thing that’s behind me is STILL affecting my well-being. I just want it to be over.

Sighs I will get through this. It’s just killing me not being able to talk about it with someone.


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