Seeking entertainment job.

Hello guys! Not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I am a dancer and a huge lover of music and entertainment in general. Now, when I say that I am a dancer, for me that means I truly love to dance and I don’t think I will ever stop taking dancing lessons in my lifetime. I am NOT someone who dreams of touring with a celebrity, or doing music videos or commercials. I have always disliked attention and being in front of the camera. But I LOVE helping other dancers, musicians, and artists accomplish this if they do love being in front of the camera.

A couple years ago I became an A&R for a music supervisor who works with major films and the great resource he provided were online classes that he taught himself to explain how the music industry works. I learned so much about the good and the bad. But after a while, I realized I wasn’t going to really cut it as an A&R simply because I do not know how to record/create music, nor did I want to. I have an excellent ear for almost all genres, and an extremely great business mind. However, the other A&Rs who knew how to create, mix, and record their own music were just more capable of producing the sounds that directors and producers wanted. With that experience I almost thought I wasn’t meant for the industry.

Earlier this year, I joined an adult dance team at a professional dance studio and needless to say it has already been an amazing learning experience. I have met many industry professionals, both talent agents and choreographers, and I am just simply fascinated with all of it. I realized that this is what I should be doing. Helping my fellow dancers and entertainment professionals accomplish their goals and dreams. I have interned/volunteered many times in my life and have always loved being able to help others. Thus, my search on how to enter the entertainment industry began.

I became a board member at the dance studio I attended and became an officer (Secretary to be exact). It’s almost like an internship except it is on a need to need basis. I went ahead and applied to several internships/opportunities in my area as well. And I also take small courses online about marketing, social media, accounting, etc. So far – it’s been pretty tough. I then decided to see if I could get any degrees or certificates in entertainment management either at a school near me or through online from an out of state school.

I cannot begin to tell you how impossible it is to find a school that offers what I want. The two schools that did offer what I wanted were way too expensive. Let’s be honest, the jobs associated with entertainment management are not incredibly high paying, especially when you’re new.

At this moment in time, I think I might get an Arts Management certificate. But hopefully this doesn’t end up being crossed out like everything else before. We shall see, but I am pretty dang determined considering that I finally realized what it is I actually want to do.

If you are reading this, don’t go to college “just because”. Please know what it is you want to do. My recommendation is to think of a JOB/CAREER that you want to do and search for those jobs online. As if you were really seeking to apply. Then read tons of those job descriptions to see what it is they are wanting and what the general requirements are. Maybe all you need is a specific skill. Or maybe you need a PhD. But that’s the only real way you’re going to know what it is you need to start getting closer to your dream job/career.

Thanks for reading, I know it’s a lot! Ciao 4 now 🙂


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