Be present at the moment. Stop walking so fast. Stop driving so fast. Just take your own pace, and be mindful of another’s pace. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating every single step you take. A quote I really liked that I saw online once somewhere (lol) is “You won’t enjoy the destination if you don’t enjoy the journey.” It made me really stop and think that even when we are forced to have a journey that has many difficulties, we need to stop and enjoy the fact that we are being pushed to learn and grow.

Yes – it’s a pain to appreciate something that may make living your life more difficult. But I think we learn how to appreciate what we have because of this.

I would like to mention again in my own words that anxiety comes from worrying about what might happen in the future. Like all the bad stuff. But when you force yourself to see the good in your toughest journeys, you are literally making your journey better. By looking at what can go RIGHT, by seeing yourself in your head laughing and having fun, or achieving something great, you are setting yourself up for success. Another great quote is “Both negative and positive thoughts are seeds. It’s the one you choose to water that will grow.” And let me tell you, I used to only water the negative seeds. Not saying I’m perfect and I never do anymore, but now I think of all the good.

Although I know that some who are suffering with anxiety right now may look at this and scoff a bit, because I used to be that person, it really does help. It doesn’t fix anxiety right away and it will always be a constant effort on your part. Recognize that you are this type of person, and you need to consistently maintain this way of thinking every single day.

For the next post I will begin to discuss the journey that I am on now, and how I got here.


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