thoughts before going off to work on a monday

oh hello again, so i find myself sitting here confused about so many things…

i guess, i’ve realized that with guys, only one has ever took the time to understand me. and of course that’s adam. i know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no, he is not “the one” for me nor have i ever liked him more than just a friend. he’s just always been there for me, he always took the time to listen to what i had to say. and i mean, really listen.

he gives me the most clear simple and best advice and for some reason, this awesome guy actually cares about me… but of course, i know that he will meet that special girl and i just hope and pray so much that she’s not the jealous type. i don’t think i can take losing another guy friend simply because the girl is jealous of me. please please please, i can’t lose my 1 friend that i talk to atleast once a month and release all my frustrations to. considering from last night, i almost thought for a second that i found a new guy i could click with. but he just showed me that he’s just like all other guys. boring and does drugs to ease his pain.

sighs, there’s so much more i wanna talk about on the subject of drugs and my generation. but that will have to be for another time. i must go to work now. gotta make that paper. ~peace~


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