Be Grateful

So i saw someone post their own list of things they were grateful for. Just letting those individuals know who are even reading this, I did indeed have a bad morning and thus far an unproductive day. I was given the opportunity to go visit my older brother and his family today, whom i never really get to visit throughout the year. I was really excited about seeing them however I had another severe panic attack in the morning and remembered I haven’t taken my medicine in like 2 months. Soooo from all of that, I basically had to miss out on another harmless opportunity to have fun. And so now I am here online -_- (yay me, my life is just so freaking awesome)

Anyways, it definitely helps to stay positive and I too shall make my own little list of things I am grateful for. Idea was started here –> Taryn’s Gratitude Sunday

– A wonderful boyfriend who is the only person I know who doesn’t mind if I have a panic attack right in front of him.

– A wonderful family who all work hard and help each other out no matter what.

– An awesome twin sister who calls me just to see if I’m doing ok.

– My own room.

– The ability to do normal people stuff when I am not having any panic attacks.

– Having all of my teeth even though I need 4 root canals.

– Not having a full time job yet. Because I simply couldn’t handle it.

– Graduating with my BA at such an early age.

– Having a few friends who understand my condition and be there for me when they can.

– Having the part time job that I have. I love teaching young students some dance moves πŸ™‚


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