The First of Many.

So today is Friday. My boyfriend is off of work early (since 1). & I didn’t have to work today. Sounds like it would be the beginning to an awesome weekend for a 22-year old. Sadly, it’s just another slap in the face to how my body can’t keep up with my daily requirements. Having panic attacks and my stomach being ultra sensitive to everything I eat makes it absolute torture living in a country where convenience, beauty, and speed matters more than quality and nutrition.

Sighs… If my body wasn’t an issue, I would’ve gone to do errands in the morning, then clean my room and the kitchen in the afternoon. Help my mom cook some quality food around late afternoon, then go see my boyfriend for a bit and go out to eat possibly for dinner at a romantic spot or something. Then finish it off by going dancing in a super tall downtown building meeting new people and dancing to my hearts content.
Without a worry in the world…

But that’s only in my fantasies. Seems like I’m never getting out of this body. But when I do, I can only truly hope my mind and soul can finally be happy.


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